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React plugin

This plugin generates React related artifacts using opinionated coding conventions and patterns. See the following references for further details:

This plugin consists of five generators:

  1. React app generator: based on Vite builder
  2. React library generator: for generating a reusable library of React components
  3. Component generator: for generating React components in a standardized format
  4. Page generator: for generating application pages
  5. Context generator: for generating React context using the pattern described in How to use React Context effectively by Kent C. Dodds



Before installing this plugin, make sure that you have installed the shaper CLI and created a monorepo for your code. See Setting up a monorepo for instructions.

Add a dev dependency at the root of your code repository:

npm install -D @code-shaper/react

For step-by-step instructions on how to use this plugin, see Getting Started.