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A delightful, modular code generator


Code Shaper dramatically decreased the amount of time it took to build our large component library. Its templates minimize the learning curve for new engineers, allowing them to focus on innovation rather than worrying about consistency.

Steve Haar Profile
Steve Haar,
Senior Software Engineer


Code Shaper saves you time whenever you start a new project. Build a robust starter repo in minutes and add more artifacts easily.


By encapsulating best practices, the code you generate will be consistent and of high quality across projects and team members.


Team members joining your project will be immediately familiar with the folder structure, development & testing tools, and CI/CD pipeline. They’ll be productive faster.

Code Shaper is a companion for engineers seeking excellence in their craft. It ensures consistency and upholds best practices, making it an indispensable asset for any development team.

Chris Hasson Profile
Chris Hasson,
Senior Software Engineer