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Core Concepts

Code Shaper allows you to create multiple artifacts in a single repository. These could be web applications, reusable libraries, code generators or anything else that you can imagine. Each artifact gets its own workspace. You can think of workspaces as the building blocks of your repository.

We use Turborepo to create workspaces and run your development tasks. It is a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases.

Using other languages and build systems

Note that Code Shaper is flexible enough to accommodate other languages and build systems. You can use its code generation capabilities to support any development workflow of your choice.

Setting up Code Shaper involves two steps:

  1. Creating a new repo
  2. Adding one or more artifacts to it

Step 2 can be repeated any number of times to add artifacts that use different languages and frameworks.

So let's get started by creating a new repo.