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Express plugin

This plugin generates an Express server to host APIs.



Before installing this plugin, make sure that you have created a monorepo for your code. See Create a New Repo for instructions.

Add a dev dependency at the root of your code repository:

npm install -D @code-shaper/express

Now you can run the shaper CLI to generate an express server. For example:

npx shaper
? Which plugin would you like to run? Express
? Which generator would you like to run? app
? Application name? movie-magic-api
? Parent directory? apps
? Package name used for publishing? @movie-magic/movie-magic-api

Creating movie-magic-api...


1. Edit /configs/typescript-config-custom/package.json to add a new typescript configuration
(typescript-library.json) if it is not already there. See below:

"files": [

2. In the root directory, run:
npm install
npm run build

3. Run movie-magic-api from the root directory:
npm run dev

4. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/top-10-movies to call the sample API.